Back to The Farm

Farm Students

In the early days of Acadia University, students worked at the original Acadia Farm to produce food for the dining hall and earn money for room and board.

Continuing with this tradition, "Back to the Farm" is a residence program that allows students living on campus to help grow organic food for the Acadia dining hall and for the community food bank. This is an annual fall program for students.

Participating in this program has many benefits:

  • Educational: Learn about sustainable food systems, biodiversity and more, plus learn gardening skills and plant care.
  • Wellness: Gardening improves mental and physical health.
  • Sustainable: Growing organic produce right on campus contributes to the sustainability of Acadia's food system.
  • Build Community: Meet and work with other students, staff, faculty and Wolfville residents for a unique Acadia experience that builds campus and community pride.

Contact us at to learn more. No experience, just enthusiasm required!